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Cool Art Site

Disappearing Car Door

Therapeutic slapping

Bill Gates Farewell Speech! - Hilarious

Party in your stomach

Lawnmower DUI

Got a cat? You'll love this

Let's Go Flying

CSI - friggin hilarious

4 year old needs help w math

For fans of soccer, music, and chicks

Russian Street Acrobat

Think you got ninja skills?

Amazing Buffalo - You have to watch the whole thing! There is an amazing turn of events!!!

Scare Compilation


Real Men of Genius - Houston Traffic

8 Years of life in seconds

David Blaine Spoof

TV Commercial New Songs

Wig Thieves

Peyton Manning on SNL

Jokes w a guitar

Ford Shelby Commercial

Easter Egg

Kat Williams HBO

Gangsta Penguins

Rat Monster - Oldie but Great!


Drugs and Spiders - A Must See.

Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter w Ross the Intern from Late w Leno! You have got to see this!

Sneaky Snake Radio Show

New Trailor for Transformers

New Fruitcake Lady

Fast hand gun

Nice Cars

Porno Prank Call

Magic Food

At home or in the BAR? Captain Morgan

Fruitcake Lady

Ever happen to you in the morning?

Do Tazers work?

How to make an arrest

One of the scariest soccer players in the world - Ronaldhino

Ludacris Hey Ya Acoustic Remix (I love it)

Weird - But he can dance

Office Linebacker

Stripper Pole


Like Mice? She doesn't

How to wake up a passed out buddy

Game - Betcha can't get it right 5 times in a row

Amazing Scratch and Sniff

Rollin w Saget

Crabs anyone?

Robots playing soccer story

US has control of its borders

Car parking game

Water as Fuel?

The Engine of the future.  Buy stock now

Wetback Mountain

The Evolution of Dance

Patience is a virtue - Don't speed

We are for Net Neutrality

Baitcar.com - cars rigged with cameras to catch car thieves! check out videos on the left


Drugs legal in Mexico

Lizard jumps on Reporter

Cheapest gas prices in your area.

Surprise Guest at Easter

Who's Your Daddy Video - mild nudity

Pipe Cleaner Dance - Pick a letter for music then move your mouse over the keyboard to make him dance.

HangoverLess Alcohol?

Toot Tone

Topless Car Wash

Horny Polar Bears?

Here's an idea.  Lets put pork chops on little girls heads and have reptiles attack them.

Everyone should watch this. This should stop a few of the myths and hopefully slow some down.

There's a proud father out there somewhere

1 800 FREE 411 - free information

(Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies)

SNL Short and Curly's

Cat gives birth to mouse?

Our President on Global Warming

Game -Golf anyone

Game - Tactical Stickman Assassin

Baby trying to stay awake

Scarface the movie summed up in 1 word - (carfeul/sound)

New Game - Dropkick the Faint! Send in your screen captures for high scores! High right now - 15656

Jon Stewart's Demetri covering MySpace - Click on Trendsetting Social Networking on bottom

Poor kid gets a good scare

Fishing issues

If you can dream it up, someone can build it. Invisibility?

MySpace funny

Home and Garden Caulking

First Hybrid Motorcycle - careful, Sound

Dirty Little Secrets

Fishing the easy way - Low volume, but no sound needed anyway. Incredible!

Bud Light Clown

Drum N Bass Drummer killin it!

Like bikes? Make your own.

The day my wife met my girlfriend - Bedtime lullaby

Steve-O got a little drunk on the Adam Carolla Show

Mind Reader

Magician does a crazy trick

Wrong place wrong time

Tennis Anyone?

The Ultimate Showdown

Mad TV Ecstacy commercial

Pimp The Nutcracker

White Trash Xmas

Embarassing situation

Politically Correct Holidays by Rednecks

The future of pizza ordering

Men in Coats 2

Santa Clause on Cribs!

Smack The Penguin - JR and Phillipe hold the record @ 323.5.  Beat it and send us a screen capture.

Don't hit Santa.  SnoBall game

So you think it's cold?

XMen III Trailer

Real Men of Genius

Supamonks - great little video and song. very loud

Lizard Japanese Game Show

Bush Draft Song

This kid should be with Cirque Du Soleil

Hidden camera prank gone really really bad

What Sound and Lighting guys do during Xmas

Book Smarts and Street Smarts

This link will scare the dickens out of anyone.

The story of Jack Schitt

Talking Dogs

Amazing French Human Beat Boxer

Halloween Punch

The Red Square Game

This would definitely scare the crap out of me - Grand Canyon

Funny Compilation of good scares - Sound

Wax On, Wax Hoff!

This is one of the best pranks I've ever seen. Just plain good TV.

If you've seen the commercials on tv, you will think this is hilarious

What your computer does when you sleep

Waikiki Beach Live Cam - Real Good Quality!

8 Yr Old with marijuana on field trip!

Orgasm Stimulator

Virtual Pumpkin Carving - Sound

Steve Harvey Show - Older Guy Rapping

Weird Al's hit new EBAY song

Car wreck with a guy and 4 old ladies.

You might not go to jail for looting but I think this is worse anyway

George Bush in bubbles - You can control him also

Oldie but Goodie - Will Ferrell as Bush

Someone doesn't like Cheney

Mad Cow?

Maritess vs Superfriends

Breakers with some pretty bad ass skills. Takes a while to download.

Funny T's

Would you believe these girls are getting Brazillian Waxes!?

Get your Sport Watercraft here for pennies on the dollar!

Mullets are making a come back!  Be a fashion setter!

One of the worst, yet painfully funny sites I have seen.  We don't know if we should laff or cry!  I hope your picture isn't on here.

Don't touch my bone! - This is 10x funnier than a dog chasing it's tail

New way to consume Alcohol

New Republicans?

Dave Chappelle SoundBoard


Just Bored Archives

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